I am kind of new to analytics and not sure how many are still working on this feature of SharePoint 2010.

Before I being I would like to let you know that I am referring to below link in order to navigate and view analytics report.


When I navigate to my site's site settings page and click on "Site Web Analytics reports" link under "Site Actions" I do not see all the options which are being shown in the above article. I only see two options "Previous Day" and "Previous 30 Days". Missing options are "More", "Export to Spreadsheet". What I would like to do is export the site level report and generate custom reports.

enter image description here

But When I do the same steps in Central Admin site I see all the options there. Also when I am on Central Admin Site I can see the report only for Web Application level and not on site collection or site level.

EDIT on 15-Mar

In central admin I am navigating to "Monitoring" -> "View Web Analytics reports" which redirects me to Web Application Selection screen. Upon selection of web application, I am being redirected to "_layouts/WebAnalytics/Report.aspx" page. Is it possible that I can enable similar features(Preceding 90 Days, Preceding 180 Days, Preceding 365 Days, Custom Dates) site level?

enter image description here

So here are my questions,

  1. Is there a way I can enable these options on site level?

  2. Are these features not available on site level?

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These options are available in Site Collection Web Analytics reports and Site Web Analytics reports.

Check if you have configured Web Analytics service application.

How to configure Web Analytics service application

Detail steps about How to configure Web Analytics service application with screenshots

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