I'm doing some branding and i need to have a background image in a top header above the menu.I tried :

/*When i use a normal color it works*/

But no luck any ideas. Thanks


Try using background:url in your custom CSS file, it should make it work for you:

    background:url("/Style Library/MyImages/SomeImage.png") repeat-x left top;
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Try to add something like this -

background-image: url(../Site%20Pictures/internal.png) !important; -- without the single quotes.

or simply use

background:url(../images/blackBullet.gif) !important;

Since this class is being used in corev4.css, the ' !important ' tag helps in overwriting it. Check also for the path of the image being referred.

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    I would advise against using !important, and load your CSS after corev4.css using CssRegistration. If your selector is correct it'll cascade properly. – James Love Nov 21 '11 at 8:23
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    Thanks @JamesLove for reminding this. I agree on using the 'after corev4.css' on CSSRegistration. – Deepu Nair Nov 21 '11 at 8:42
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    As James points out, you should never use !important. SharePoint typically uses the "background" property as opposed to "background-image". In order to override the OOTB SharePoint styles, you must use the same property combined with a selector of the same specificity. If you use ".s4-title {background: xyz;}" and load after the corev4.css, you'll override the default style. – webdes03 Nov 21 '11 at 14:24

It is not the "s4-title-inner" class you need to use, but the "s4-title" class (if you want to change the background for the title section, otherwise you need to use the "s4-titlerow" ID).

Normally you do not need to add the "!important" attribute when your stylesheet is loaded after corev4.css.

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