I have changed the look of a Page in my site and the whole site is changed. I want to restore it to the default theme which the company follows. How is it possible to do so? Thank you

  • what exactly did you change in your page? – Akshay Randive Mar 5 '18 at 9:55

Based on your description, you said the whole site is changed that means you have changed the Master page

So in this case, to rollback your Master page changes, you should go ahead with one of the below options:

(1)- If you have applied your changes to a customized master page, not the default master page. so you can just change the master page back to the default one that not changed before like Oslo / Settele as the following:

  • In case, it's a Publishing site, Go to Site setting > Look and Feel > Master Page > Select your Master Page.

enter image description here

(2)- If you have applied your changes to the default master page and you don't take a backup, so in this case, you have two option:

  • If you have enabled the Versions, you can restore the previous version.

    • Right Click on the master Page > Select Version History.
    • Revert the old version.

      enter image description here

  • Else you can set the master page to the site definition.

    • Right Click on the master Page > Select Reset to Site Definition.

      enter image description here

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  • Thanks for the help but i still cannot figure it out and it is still embarrassing as the version option did not work and the 1st and 3rd option also as i do not have the permission ! My company has its own branding and i want to apply that to my page rather than the the theme which is currently selected and it is frustrating ! – jayant khushalani Mar 5 '18 at 11:13

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