I found that there is an option to show a cool filter box in each column by chance(screenshot below)

enter image description here

when you click on "Show Filter Choices" on the dropdown. enter image description here

I found that when you clicked on the "Show Filter Choices", the URL is changed to "https://teams.connect.xxx.com/sites/ruter/Pages/Roster_U2.aspx?Filter=1&View={583937A6-293B-419F-8F05-3EA7092915FB}#InplviewHash583937a6-293b-419f-8f05-3ea7092915fb=WebPartID%3D%7B583937A6--293B--419F--8F05--3EA7092915FB%7D" My question is, what can I do to make the filter boxes always visible?

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When a SharePoint List gets to a certain size, around 500 items, some fields will no longer display a proper drop down for filter choices Instead, it will display “Show Filter Choices”. Microsoft did this to prevent performance problems by showing >500 options to choose from.

If you wish you could try adding ?Filter=1 in the URL, which will show the available values by default.

Here are some articles for your reference:


"Show filter choices" link instead of actual values in a list column filter

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