I have a web.config setting like IntervalInMinutes. I would like to use the setting value to create my SPSchedule instance and run my job. The interval should be set in minutes.

I know how to use SPMinuteSchedule and run the job every 0 < n < 60 minute or how to use SPHourSchedule and run the job every 0 < n < 24 hours, But what if I want to have 90 or 2000 minutes interval as the setting value?

So, the question is: what should I do to run the job with the minutes interval 0 < n < 100000?

Thank you.

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Based on this thread, it appears you are somewhat limited in how you can use the SPMinuteSchedule for an interval greater than 60 minutes.

As one user in that thread suggests, your best option may be to set the SPMinuteSchedule.Interval to 45, then only have the timer job "do its work" every other time it runs. Not the cleanest solution, I know, but that would do the trick.

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