Is this scenario supported by Microsoft and make sense?

  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation Web/App Server will have one adapter with public and one adapter with private IP Address?

  • Routing between two adapters will be configured.

  • SharePoint Server will have connection to SQL using internal adapter (private IP)

  • Firewall will be on SharePoint Server from Windows configured

What are the security and configuration concerns here?

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Your scenario will be supported, but it's not a very good one from a security perspective. SharePoint is not designed to be exposed directly to the internet.

You should publish SharePoint externally via WebApplicationProxy or even better AzureAD Application Proxy. This can also save a lot of pain regarding to external sharing (Improved security, nice login-form for users, access to OfficeWebApps-Server, option to activate a 'change password' feature, ...). It's a little bit of work, but it's absolutely worth the implementation-effort.

Two more tipps:

  • If you still want to keep your structure, you do not nee to enable routing between adapters.
  • Use the same URL for internal and external access (e.g. sharepoint.company.com - NO sharepoint.company.local).

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