I have made one webpart using spfx, on submit button its values are pushing in SP list but in SP list I want user who is currently logged in, its value should come in one of the field of Sp list, how to do in spfx.

  • If I understand your question right, you want to view Display name of current user when you click on button – Melad Batta Feb 19 '18 at 10:33
  • @Melad, yes I want to display its name in one of field of SP list – Deeksha Gupta Feb 19 '18 at 11:26

As explained in the community here, you could retrieve the current user information before pushing your data into the your list.

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You can retrieve current user information as below:


Here this is a web part context.

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  • the above commands works when the field which stores current user name in SP list is of single line of text but when I am making it person or group type then value is not coming. – Deeksha Gupta Feb 20 '18 at 11:46

this solution may help you to get Display name of current user when you click on button

public _getCurrentUser(): void{
if (Environment.type == EnvironmentType.SharePoint || Environment.type == EnvironmentType.ClassicSharePoint) {
  let User = this.context.pageContext.user.displayName;
  let html: string = '';
  html = `
    <ul class="${styles.list}">
      <li class="${styles.listItem}">
        <span class="ms-font-l">${User}</span>
  const listContainer: Element = this.domElement.querySelector('#SPList');
  listContainer.innerHTML = html;
} }
 private _setButtonEventHandlers(): void {
const webPart: UserClickWebPart = this;
this.domElement.querySelector('#GetUser').addEventListener('click', () => { this._getCurrentUser(); });}
public render(): void {
this.domElement.innerHTML = `
  <div class="${ styles.userClick }">
    <div class="${ styles.container }">
      <div class="${ styles.row }">
        <div class="${ styles.column }">
          <span class="${ styles.title }">Welcome to SharePoint!</span>
          <p class="${ styles.subTitle }">Customize SharePoint experiences using Web Parts.</p>
          <p class="${ styles.description }">${escape(this.properties.description)}</p>
          <button class="${styles.button}" id="GetUser">
          <span class="${styles.label}">CurrentUser</span>
        <div id="Global" class="${styles.container}">
        <div id="SPList"></div>
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