I am working on shaerepoint 2010. I have user with previousdoman/username, now we changed with newdomain/username. Username is same, for ex. previously: abc/xyz, new user: qwe/xyz. I am working with sharepoint defauly MySites. http://domain/personal/username/default.aspx.

When we are login with previous account it is working fine and i can see all my document library. but when I logged in with new account it is giving me an error "Your personal site cannot be created because a site already exists with your username."

I can't change central admin setting which will be possible solution for this error.


beacuse it will create new site I want existing site. any help will be appreciated.

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Have a look on Move-SPUser, that PowerShell command can help you.

However, if you try to migrate from a DomainA to a DomainB, you have to follow some steps already explained here.

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