I have already gone through the following URLS.

Apply Custom Styles to the New (Modern) SharePoint Pages

Customizing SharePoint Modern Pages

But that doesn't help me because its about Site Pages.

My question is:

Can we customize the Modern Wiki Pages with our own styles in SharePoint Online?

If yes then can any one share the reference?

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What are you referring to the Modern Wiki Pages? Could you offer a screenshot about your Modern Wiki Pages?

Here is an article about Supported and unsupported customizations for "modern" pages for your reference:



You can add in your Wiki Page a script editor webpart and insert new scripts to build your styles. To do, go to page, editor, insert, webpart and find Content and finaly Script Editor, like the picture

enter image description here

Afther that, you can insert new scripts in webpart to build your styles. hope this help


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