I have a new SharePoint 2013 list from which I created an InfoPath 2013 form and added all the field, and then associated some rules to those fields (hidden when condition x =y type , etc.). However when I then published the form, I cannot enter any data in the form, its as if all that exists are the headings, with no data entry fields available - please help?

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“x” and “y” in your condition example (hidden when condition x = y type , etc.) are fields. Is it right?

If you have not set the default value for a field, the field value is empty (blank). So, x = empty and y = empty. The condition is met because x = y (empty = empty), then the relative field will be hidden.

Set the default values for the fields to make these fields have different values.

  • As the fields (There are around 80 of them) which I want to hide are all drop down boxes - could I add a default value of "Select Option" which will then allow the field to show and then be hidden when the intial field which is also a drop down box has its option (From around 70 options) selected? Feb 16, 2018 at 8:27

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