I am unable to create a workflow here it could pickup the email address from a single line text field. This an external email address. so the people or group option does not work. since it gets converted to microsoftonline id.

This email ID is manually entered. I have sharepoint 365 and i have sharepoint 2010 has a workflow platform.

Regards, Charles Thangaraj

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1- Create a workflow local variable as string

enter image description here

2- Set the variable with the text value (email address)

From Action Menu under core actions click “Set Workflow Variable”

enter image description here

Select the Variable, then click on Value, click on the fx button. Choose the data source “Current Item” and field from source select your text field, then click OK

enter image description here

3- In send email action , set TO field with the variable and return the field as Email Address

enter image description here

hope this answers your question

  • This was helpful. I was able to send email to the external email address using this method Feb 13, 2018 at 13:14

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