I'm starting to work with SPFx and have the following code:

public render(): void {
var abc = (this.properties.showFb) ? styles.show: styles.hide;
this.domElement.innerHTML = `
<div class="${ styles.sizing } ">
  <a class="fab fa-facebook-square ${ styles.faCustom } ${ abc }" style="color: #40599A;" href="https://www.facebook.com">&nbsp;</a>
  <a class="fab fa-twitter ${ styles.faCustom }" style="color: #1DA1F2;" href="https://www.twitter.com">&nbsp;</a>
  <a class="fab fa-instagram ${ styles.faCustom } ${ styles.instagram }" style="" href="https://www.instagram.com"></a>

Is there a better way to handle this portion?

var abc = (this.properties.showFb) ? styles.show: styles.hide;

Thanks to theChrisKent for confirming that var abc = (this.properties.showFb) ? styles.show: styles.hide; is an acceptable way to handle showing/hiding pieces of my code.

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