Hello I am tasked with reproducing an already existing sharepoint online doc library site. The search refiner methods need to have more than one type: "Multi-Checkbox" and "Product Feature Fancy Tree". However when I edit the page each refiner configuration in the web part settings seems to allow only one method. One or the other. I have seen sites that had both; where there is a "checkbox" next to each refining option and the "tree" as well.

Attached is how it should look. It has a twisty for the "Tree" and the "searchbox". When I go to the search criteria on the page it only has a twisty for the "tree" not a checkbox like shown in the screenshot.

With both the "tree" and "checkbox"

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No, there is no OOB method to display refiners with multi-checkbox in a tree view.

You need to create your own custom Refiner Display Template to achieve that.

The templates are located in: Master Pages -> Display Templates -> Filters

Learn more about creating custom refiner control Display Templates for SharePoint

  • Ok I don't know what OOB means but thank you there were customizations. :)
    – scottj
    Feb 14, 2018 at 12:08

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