I'm facing issues with forum discussion. I'm trying to add one in my page. I did the following steps:

-Go to Site Contents and add a new Discussion Board list.
-Create a discussion
-Go to the page where I want to add the discussion list
-Add a webpart in that page. Apps > Discussion list

When I go to my page, the webpart is created but not with the new discussion I created earlier, and also when I'm trying to click "new discussion" to add one I'm redirected to a page where they tell me that access is denied.

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The steps you mentioned are correct. Make sure you have sufficient rights in the site/subsite where you are adding the discussion board webpart.

To identify if you have added the correct discussion board and not something else, hover your mouse over the "new discussion" link and see the URL at the footer of the page.

The steps you followed works fine for me.

enter image description here

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