I have a Sharepoint list item with a date field. When I read the value for the item it gives me in format of MM/DD/YYYY. But my local machine is having different DateTime format as DD/MM/YYYY. So while parsing to DateTime either it changes the value or thows exception as Invalid DateTime.

DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(item["DateTime"]);

How can I get the DateTime format for the field?

Thanks in advance.


Please tried to handle null exception for Date. Other wise it work.

if(item["DateTime"]!=null && item["DateTime"]!="")
      DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(item["DateTime"]);
  • That is not the concern. I need DateTime format – Mayuresh Feb 6 '18 at 6:17
  • As you said it's through exception that why I said you handle null exection – Bharat Khunti Feb 6 '18 at 6:25

Finally I got the answer. We can get DateTime Format using Regional Settings property.

ClientContext.Load(f_Web, website => website.RegionalSettings)
var format = f_Web.RegionalSettings.DateFormat;

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