I have following situation: I have a Custom List with Attendees with two columns: User (which gets automatically filled with a user) and MeetingID (also autofilled)

Now I have a Discussion board which has a DiscussionID which matches a MeetingID. I want to send an email with a link to a thread to all users, where the DiscussionID and MeetingID matches.

I created a list workflow on the discussion board list. Here I chose the action "Send an Email". In the To I selected "Workflow Lookup for a User..."

Data Source: Attendees Field from source: User Return field as: Email adress

Find the list item: Field: MeetingID Value: Current Item:DiscussionID

of course this gives back multiple values but it only sends an email to the first user. I need to seperate the adresses with semicolons I guess but I don't understand why at Return field as there is no option Semicolon Delimited.

Any help or workaround for this? :)


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