I am trying remove an item from the drop down menu. I recently linked the recycling bin to each of our plants, and now it is showing up in the drop down menu. I checked global navigation and had no luck. Please see the attached pictures for reference.I need to remove this

Recycling bin is located here, note that none of the other elements shown here show up on the drop down menu

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For the Current Navigation:

You can click Edit Links enter image description here button on the page and click the Delete icon next the navigation link to delete the link you don’t need.

enter image description here

Another method, navigate to Site settings > Look and Feel > Navigation, select the link and click Delete.

enter image description here

For the Global Navigation:

I suppose that you are using the Managed Navigation.

Open the “Term Store Management Tool to edit term sets. Uncheck the Show in Global Navigation Menu for the “Recycling Bin …” term.

enter image description here

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