sorry in advance supernoob here failing hard and need help. I'm trying to create a timesheet in sharepoint that will eventually be a powerapp then go into PowerBI and I'm struggling bad with the sharepoint bit. So far I've got a column for the number of days between two dates( I've added +1 to count the current day). I've also got a column for users to select full or half days called H/F days.

What I want to do now is create a column called work hours - this should multiply the days by 7.4 if the H/F days column reads "full" and 3.7 if the HF days column reads "half".

In excel I would do it with sum IF and I could do it with PowerBI further on down the line, but I want the ux to be as streamlined as possible in PowerApps

So far I've tried =IF[h/fdays]=half,SUM[days]*3.7,IF[h/fdays]=full,SUM[days]*7.4

but I just get sharepoint fail screen , halp pls


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I was able to recreate your issue, which appears to be cause by using an IF function in the Create Column formula field. The steps I used to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. Create a Calculated field which references another field. This allows us to bypass the error appearing on creation of the column.
  2. In the List Settings, edit your new column to =IF([field]="half","T","F")
  3. Refresh your form and see if this if properly returning "T" or "F". If this is not working, refer to my Note below
  4. Edit the column to =IF([field]="half",3.7*[Days field],7.4*[Days field])
    • Refer directly to your column where you are storing the number of days instead of using a SUM function.

Note: There may be an issue with using "/" in your field name. If the above steps don't resolve your issue, try changing the field name to not include symbols.


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