I search a layout/design for a more user-frienly presentaion of the document library in Sharepoint 2013.

Who can give me a hint?


As my knowledge, no branding template exists with full featured capabilities for document library (Grouping, Search, Menu...)

Any way, you can have few directions you can follow according to your requirements:

  1. Display templates, you can customize the look and feel of the content search webpart results.
  2. Office CSR (Client-Side-Rendering), custom JavaScript file for overriding the default rendering template used by the library at different levels (List Header/Content/Footer, ContentType, Field...)
  3. Old School and NOT RECOMMENDED, Xslt Style Sheet, provides XML routines to render Forms (List View, Edit, New, Item View)
  4. SPFx (SharePoint Framework), used only on modern site from SharePoint Online or On-Premise with SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 2

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