My requirement:

I want the user to enter the list but I don't want him to use the out of the box actions within the lists like creating flows, quick edit, etc. I would like a user to edit the items but on a different custom page(custom list form). Now I am able to add few of my custom actions on the ribbon. When the user selects an item and clicks on one of my commands, he is redirected to a different page.

Somehow I wish to hide the out of the box actions, to restrict the default behavior of a SharePoint list (Like user creating his own flows, thus affecting designer workflows which I have created)

Attached is the image from Microsoft for reference.

Any suggestions for the same would be highly appreciated!

enter image description here

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Currently, we cannot edit the modern list view page and insert code to modify OOB options.

An idea: Insert your list to a modern page and use JavaScript/CSS via SharePoint Framework web part on the page.

About SharePoint Framework

A tool SharePoint react script editor web part as a convenience to you.

A similar case:

How can we hide New/Upload button in modern document library experience?

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