I am trying to set up a workflow that will

  • send out an email once a “No” in a Yes/No column is left on No for 5 weeks and
  • will continue to send out an email on a weekly basis until that field is changed to yes.
  • Which version SharePoint? SharePoint Designer 2013 style workflows support loops. Jan 30, 2018 at 0:14

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Try to go through this logic:

  • Create a new variable as date called Today then set it to Current Date. (for calculating 5 weeks)
  • Create a new variable as date called Today_weekly then set it to Current Date. (for calculating weekly)
  • Create a new variable as boolean called 5weeks as then set it to No and (for tracking 5 weeks)
  • Use loop to Loop with condition until Status field become Yes
  • Use If-Else condition to check if the 5weeks variable becomes Yes

    • If yes, send an email and wait for next week to check if the Status value becomes yes
    • else, wait 1 month + 7 days that approximately equal 5 weeks then set 5weeks to Yes

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