I am trying to set up a workflow that will send out an email once a date field named Roster Date is left blank and will continue to send out an email on a weekly basis until that field is populated with a date. This is what I have so far (its doesn’t work):

enter image description here


You can use the Loop with condition to create a repeatedly Reminder that will run weekly while the Roster Date is blank as the following:

enter image description here

For the detail steps, check SharePoint Online Notification if list item is not complete

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Your best choice is to use a Custom Timer Job, since sending emails weekly basis from a SharePoint Designer Workflow isn’t a good option. You would have to have a workflow running all day checking if Roaster Date column on some item has changed, I don’t think that’s a good use of a workflow.

Look at this link where it’s explained how to create a Timer Job to send an email. You would have to add a condition to check if Roaster Date column on some item has changed, then send specific mail.

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