I want to redirect users to our custom social profile that we don't use SharePoint or MySites for. I just need an email address or their account name.

e.g. http://customsite/profile?accountname=john.smith@company.com or http://customsite/profile?accountname=smithj

Is there a way I can force SharePoint to point at this new url instead of MySites or the _layouts/15/userdisp.aspx page?


Updating the render of SPUserField will not help you on all cases, you have a lot of location which user links are displayed.

To make sure all links would be redirected on your custom social profile, you have few solutions:

  1. Make your own SharePoint solution package with a custom redirector
    • Sample 1,
    • Sample 2,
    • the userdisp.aspx contains a delegatecontrol "ProfileRedirection" you can build you own routine by a custom user control
  2. Not recommended: Add IIS url rewrite rules on each front-end(s) which catch the userdisp.aspx pattern.
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