I have an ItemAdding event handler created and targeted to a Custom List. The event receiver seems to be firing on all custom list on the site. I wonder if I should target it to a specific custom list. Is this possible? or should I just leave it like it is now? If it's possible, how?


Navigate to corresponding Elements.xml, and you will notice Receivers element with ListTemplateId attribute, like this:

<Receivers ListTemplateId="100">

What you need is to use ListUrl attribute instead, and point it to the specific list using provided url.

There is a how-to on this on MSDN:

Basic example:

<Receivers ListUrl="Lists/Test">

Full schema of Receivers element could be found in Receivers Element MSDN reference article.

Also, the binding could be performed programmatically (usually in FeatureActivated receiver), using SPList.EventReceivers collection.

  • ListUrl works only if feature has Scope=”Web”. In case the feature has Scope=”Site”, event receiver is fired for every list, ListUrl is ignored. – Amit Kumawat Jan 3 '12 at 17:31

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