I have a big/empty sharePoint list with 152 columns. New forms were designed for new/edit/display through SharePoint designer. But none of them was displaying, while the old default forms are displaying without any issue. Please see below for the error message display on the webpage enter image description here The new forms are also displaying when a part of the columns/fields are deleted from the newly created forms (not from the list, only the codes for displaying them are deleted), then all the rest can be displayed. This led me to think that there might be some size limitation on the form which does not allow web part to be displayed properly. Any suggestions/solutions?

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Fist of all, you may try the proposed solutions here:

If non them worked, maybe it means that you are overcoming the column limits, here you have the column limits:

  • Thank you for the answers. Now, I am pretty sure it is related to the XSLT transforming time, but we don't have SharePoint server on our site, so, I still have the question about how to tweak the settings.
    – Aaron_Geng
    Jan 31, 2018 at 20:46

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