Below is my current filter for my rest API call and this works:

?$select=Id,Title,ProductNo,Description,Image,Version_Id,Version_nr&$filter=(Version_Id eq "+Version+")".

Now I've created a new Document library called ProductFiles.

In my Part List, I created a lookup field to ProductFiles (called Files) so I can link multiple ProductFiles to a list item in Part.

When I'm trying to add the expand to my filter it don't work:

?$select=Id,Title,ProductNo,Description,Image,Version_Id,Version_nr,ProductFiles/Files&$expand=ProductFiles/Files&$filter=(Version_Id eq "+Version+")".


The field or property 'ProductFiles' does not exist.

Can someone point out what's wrong?

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It should be like this:

?$select=Id,Title,ProductNo,Description,Image,Version_Id,Version_nr,Files/Title&$expand=Files&$filter=(Version_Id eq "+Version+")

Typically it should be $select=lookupfield/fieldtoexpandinparent$expand=lookupfield

  • Thanks, it seems to work, but a file in a document library it does not fill title but name, and name not receivable, Is there some way I can get the name also? Jan 26, 2018 at 11:46
  • You cant expand all properties of lookup field...Especially Name(FileLeafRef) this of type 'File' so you cant expand it.. as a workaround force 'Title' field as mandatory or design a simple OOTB WF to fill the Title dynamically... Jan 26, 2018 at 13:00

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