If a site is hosted as a Team site, in either SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016

Can the template of the site be changed to a Record center or Document Center. If so would the document libraries adapt to it accordingly?

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As per experience, it is near to impossible to change the template once you create the site collection. Main reason, MSFT build a structure in each template once you change your existing site collection template then many features not supported in other template and throws the error.

What i would recommend, create a new site collection using the desired template. After this manually move the content from old site to new site.

  • Which template do we use for 2016 online ?
    – OM-ॐ
    Commented Sep 27, 2018 at 8:30

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the site template for the existing site.

You will need to provision a new site and then manually copy the data or find a tool that can migrate the content for you. Some of those migration tools can also move permissions as well.

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