How I can use SharePoint REST API in Power Apps using Custom Connectors?

I am following this article to create postman collection which is successful, but I am not sure how to integrate this in Power Apps.

Anyone tried to do this?

Take an example of calling https://sitename/_api/web/sitegroups, which will give you the list of site groups.

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To use SharePoint list you can use in-build connector but at this point there are no in-build functions or connector available to consume SharePoint native rest endpoints expect Office365Users function

However, PowerApps and MSFlow can only speak via OpenAPI aka Swagger endpoint. you need to comply those rules to be able to use in your app.

AzureFunction is by far best way to use for these scenarios(Decision is up to you).

Reference: Below articles has detailed step-by-step procedure to achieve this.

  • But creating swagger file becoming complex. My Azure subscription not allowing me to create Azure functions
    – Mihir
    Jan 29, 2018 at 13:12
  • Like I mention AzureFunction is the easy way to create/expose OpenApi based functionalities.. but you can still use your own WebAPI as long as it is accessible as a REST API... And it is easy to learn also its matter of understanding.. recommend you to go through the links provided in the answer and start with simple GET operation. you can try your API endpoint in this swagger editor editor2.swagger.io Jan 29, 2018 at 18:44

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