down vote favorite I am trying to load a Header and Footer, but ran into a load time issue where it is loading really slow on Sharepoint, tested with WAMP and works fine. I am using


and have tried using document.ready as well. I also want the header and footer to load before the content but if the faster load time makes that less noticeable that is fine.

  • Shouldn't you use a full directory path to the header.html and footer.html files? – Blazemonger Jan 23 '18 at 20:07

SharePoint uses its own body onload function called _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames which will collide with your document.ready.

So you can do something like this

function myCustomFunction() {

You could always wrap the whole code in a

setTimeout(function() {
*your code including header/footer*
}, 1000)

The downside is now you have to wait for 1 second before the page loads.


jQuery.load() is a performance hog, and using it puts you at the mercy of more network overhead. Two suggestions:

  • Put the markup directly in the master page. I have to assume you're using a custom master page since you have elements #footerFile and #headerFile. Unless you're instantiating those in jQuery as well.
  • Inject the HTML directly using .html(). $("#footerFile").html("<div>Your HTML</div>");

If you load the footer dynamically it will have to load after everything else, you you're going to see a delay no matter what you do.

Also you should by using _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames rather as Veeraj suggests, so +1 to him.

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