i have a question regarding a tickbox value

if tickbox = yes and set field 1 to =5,000

then commission * field 1 = total

at the moment the total field isn't populating.

what is the best rule or calculation to complete this on an infopath form?

commission is automatically set to 1.75

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I would say to do tickbox = Yes then set Field 1 = 5000. Use Add Rule > **Set a Field's Value. If "Is Equal To" then just to be sure
Copy the Field 1 to another Field 2 and then use commission * Filed 2.

You can implement the same using a SharePoint designer WorkFlow too.


You can use the calculate column directly. Add the following formulate to the Total column


I am putting 0 for the false part of the value, but you can add more condition if needed e.g If false 5000*0.5

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