In SharePoint Online does we have the option to use the REST API to set top navigation to inherit from the parent site?

I know it can be done manually. I also know it can be done by setting web.Navigation.UseShared = true; however I need to be able to invoke the change from a 2013 workflow.

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Looking at this question, I would try adapting that code to see if Navigation.UseShared is in there somewhere, e.g.:

Endpoint Url:  [web url]/api/web
Method: POST 
Data: {
        "UseShared": true

I don't know if this will work, but some experimentation might get you there.


I reverse engineered the old JSOM and captured the request it sends to SharePoint. You need to create a post to the site in question and set a few headers.

Set the Uri to: _vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery

The headers are:



And the body looks like this:

<Request xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/clientquery/2009" SchemaVersion="" LibraryVersion="" ApplicationName="Javascript Library"><Actions><ObjectPath Id="1" ObjectPathId="0" /><ObjectPath Id="3" ObjectPathId="2" /><ObjectPath Id="5" ObjectPathId="4" /><SetProperty Id="6" ObjectPathId="4" Name="UseShared"><Parameter Type="Boolean">true</Parameter></SetProperty></Actions><ObjectPaths><StaticProperty Id="0" TypeId="{3747adcd-a3c3-41b9-bfab-4a64dd2f1e0a}" Name="Current" /><Property Id="2" ParentId="0" Name="Web" /><Property Id="4" ParentId="2" Name="Navigation" /></ObjectPaths></Request>

Screenshot from Flow/PowerAutomate

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