There is a simple function to add permissions to collection:

// Set up permissions.
BasePermissions permissions = new BasePermissions();

But how to get assigned permissions back from existing BasePermissions object? I cannot find a function for that. There is only a function to check, if specific kind of permission is assigned or not. How to get the list of all assigned PermissionKind's?

Thank you.


After searching for a solution, I found nothing better than just sequentially checking all possible permissions to find right one as follows:

  PermissionKind kind = PermissionKind.EmptyMask;
  foreach (PermissionKind k in Enum.GetValues(typeof(PermissionKind)))
    if (roleDefinition.BasePermissions.Has(k)) 
      kind = k;
    else break;

Because integer values for enumeration consistently increase, this must stop cycle on maximum available permission. Hope somebody could find a better way.

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