My sharepoint workflow seems to only send email to "Current Item:(Name of user)": enter image description here

instead of the list variable "Created By" as in "Current Item:Created By". enter image description here

Does anyone know why this happens?

The error sent to my smtp server email is:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: Created By The format of the email address isn't correct. A correct address looks like this: [email protected]. Please check the recipient's email address and try to resend the message.

But "Created By" is a variable. It shouldn't be in an email format. Also, last I checked, this variable has a name inside. It's not empty.

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In the picture below I have used the field 'Assigned To', you have used 'Created By', but in order for Sharepoint to be able to send an email, it does need an email address.

Workflow image

If I substitute my Assigned To person/group field for the Created By field you'll see you can define the field to be used as an email address - select this one in your workflow, republish and save.

enter image description here


can you please ensure that the "Created By" field is returned as Email address as shown below: enter image description here


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