I am using the following function for a PowerApps survey which is supposed to create list items in SharePoint:

Collect('Test List PowerApps';{Title:Radio1.Selected.Value;Column:Slider1.Value‌​;Tekst:TextInput1.Te‌​xt})

It does create the item, but each column is empty!

I later tried again by making an app through SharePoint. This one uses text alone:

Collect('Test List PowerApps';{Title:DataCardValue1.Text;Column:DataCardValue2.Text;Tekst:DataCardValue3.Text})

In this case, only the "Title" column gets any text. That is regardless of where I place it; So, if I switch Column and Title in function above, only the Title column gets filled with text. The different columns have the exact same settings.

Why am I experiencing this? Is there any workaround I could use?

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Try using commas instead of semicolons between each item when you are creating your row.

  • Well, it's too late now since I don't work there anymore. However, I do remember that while the official documentation does use commas, nothing worked unless I used semicolons (also, the in-app examples all used semicolons).
    – Avatrin
    Jan 5, 2019 at 17:28

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