I am having a look at sharepoint framwork tutorials in order to use it in a SharePoint 2016 environment. However, all tutorials are related to SharePoint OnLine. So, I was wondering whether or not SPFX can be used in Sharepoint 2016.

Is there any sharepoint workbench url in SharePoint 2016 to test SPFX developments ?

Is there any internal CDN where to deploy the SPFX package on in SharePoint 2016?

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To be able to use SPFX for SharePoint Server 2016, you must first patch you SharePoint Server 2016 with Feature Pack 2 (September 2017 Public Update for SharePoint 2016).

Once it installed, you will be able to upload and deploy SharePoint Framework packages that contain web parts via the SharePoint App Catalog just as you would with SharePoint Add-ins.

Is there any internal CDN where to deploy the SPFX package on in SharePoint 2016?

Yes, The CDN path should be the URL of the centralized location on the SharePoint server 2016 or the URL of the SPX Library assets in the SharePoint site.

Note: by default .json files are not allowed to be uploaded to SharePoint 2016 libraries. So farm-level settings will need to be adjusted for this option.

For more details check SharePoint Framework development with SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2

To get started, you should walk through the below links

  1. Set up your SharePoint client-side web part development environment.
  2. Build your first SharePoint client-side web part (Hello World).
  3. Connect your client-side web part to SharePoint.
  4. Deploy your client-side web part to a SharePoint page.

For more details check SPFx for SharePoint Server 2016

  • Maybe MS have updated their webpages recently. The link above are for SP online environment. The support document for on-premise is very limited.
    – Mark L
    Commented Oct 15, 2019 at 6:38

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