In my SharePoint list I have two metadata fields. Both are different metadata services. Using spfield I will get the all taxonomy fields from the list. In this scenario I know the field name but I don't know the Metadata service name and Term names.

Using the taxonomy field name how can I get the Metadata service name and related all terms from the Metadata service using C#?

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Assuming you have the correct permissions (are you SP Admin? though perhaps 'edit' permissions might be sufficient(?)) you can check this in the Site Settings menu > Term Store Management Tool.

From there you can see an overview of all the term store tags/fields.

  • i want to retrieve and store this terms in Datatable using c#
    – Elina
    Commented Jan 16, 2018 at 13:03

You mentioned you don't know the term names, I assumed you are not term store admin. You can use REST Service to retrieve the term names (or using the search query tool is more intuitive.) From there, you will be able to retrieve the metadata value via REST API.


We cannot get the managed metadata service name using the metadata field name.

You could go to central administration->manage service applications->get the managed metadata service name.

More references:

Foreach Managed Metadata Term.


SP 2010: Introduction to programmatically working with Taxonomies in SharePoint Server 2010.


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