I know you can change a content type name for an existing list using PowerShell for SharePoint On-premises versions, but I don't see any documentation for SharePoint Online. Does anyone have a link to the documentation if it exists? If the documentation does not exist, is it possible to do it so via PowerShell or any other method for that matter?


I tend to use CSOM as I can run it torwards both on prem and online.

It's not PowerShell, but I think it can be easily converted.

Not sure why you would want to rename just the list content type; ideally I would rename it at the site collection level.

public void RenameListContentType(ClientContext context, string listTitle)
    List list = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle);
    ContentType ct = list.ContentTypes.GetById("0x010100F92FB91056B24E40ACCE93A804002EFF001822ADB6403249B6AC60D10F8970E85E0001D97A142CFB4CD1BB0876B3669E30D3007022460F2F2E6C4BB4682EE84C366DF3");

    ct.Name = "New ct name";


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