I am a bit new to the Provider-Hosted App world inside office 365, and there are confusing issues i am facing in understanding the idea of registering our provider-hosted apps inside the site collection appregnew.aspx page. where i am having these 3 confusing points:-

  1. When i create a Provider-Hosted app using Visual Studio, inside its web.config i will have 2 values for Clint ID & Client Secret. now if i use these values to register our app inside appregnew.aspx page, i will get the following exception:-

enter image description here

And the only way i can get ride of this exception when registering my app, is to generate the Client ID & Client Secret from the appregnew.aspx page itself, by clicking on the Generate buttons, and then update my VS project's web.config file with those auto generated values:- enter image description here so why i can not use the Client ID and Client Secret values which where available inside the web.config file when i create my VS project??

  1. now i enter the appregnew.aspx by using this url:-


so at the beginning i thought i need to register the app inside all the site collections separately. but seems registering the app inside one site collection will make it available to the other site collections.. so how this is being handled internal by sharepoint?

  1. now what are the differences between uploading the Visual Studio .app file to our app catalog site collection and between registering the app inside the appregnew.aspx? as seems both operations are used to register the app!! but i need to do these 2 steps otherwise my Provider-hosted app will not work.

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