We moved a couple of lists from a SharePoint installation to SharePoint online, and I have to copy some workflows as well.

They are SharePoint 2010 workflows on the old SP installations, so I started "translating" them to SharePoint 2013 workflows, since that's the only option I have on the new site.

The main part of the workflow is exactly the same, the only difference is, that in 2013, there's a Stage wrapped around the Steps.

The inner logic is unchanged, while the list structure is unchanged as well.

There's a lookup field on the list, where I look up some data from a Customer data list. This field is what gets populated from the workflow.

Here's the workflow:

enter image description here

It get's an Input string was not in a correct format... error after Step3, when writing in the Lookup address local variable into the lookup field.

At Step3 I set the Lookup address to the following value:

[%Variable: Lookup address%];#[%Variable: ProjectID%]

This setting works in 2010 workflows without any problem, but it's giving me the format error in this setup.

Any ideas where this error can come from?

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You should use 2010 workflow. It only works in workflows that uses SharePoint workflow 2010 platform type.

SharePoint Online still supports SharePoint workflow 2010 platform type.


Try setting the lookup using the ID rather than the lookup value - this is much more robust.

If I understand your scenario correct you simply input the value project ID into the project number lookup field.

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