I've got a some lists and workflows set up for generating posters and emails advertising events in our office. When a list item is created it does two things

  1. Generates an email invite (sent to the item creator)
  2. Generates a poster

This has thus far been working flawlessly and dramatically reduced a really annoying part of my job - however it seems like if there is a colon in the event title it causes an error in the workflow - once you remove the colon it works again.

Has anyone ever come across this problem before? if so how did you fix it?


you need to validate the special characters:

Go to the Custom List where you will be validating for the special characters Click on the ribbon "Library Settings " Select "Validation Settings" Click on the Column validation Paste the following rule


This rule checks for the special characters such as ',', '&', '!', '@' In the User Message section, please mention "Special characters are not allowed"


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  • Is there a way to allow special characters? Sometimes the event titles will need colons to be included. – vauny Jan 18 '18 at 2:31

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