For example, I have 2 lists - A and B. Suppose after the workflow in List A is done, I want to trigger the workflow in List B to happen. How do I make this happen?


By default, the workflow is triggered in the following cases,

  • Item Created,
  • Item Changed,
  • Or Manually,

enter image description here

So as a workaround, at the end of the first workflow for List A, you can update a specific related field item with its same value in the List B, in this case, the List B workflow will be triggered on item changed event!

Also, In SharePoint workflow 2013, There is an action called "Start a List Workflow" that can be used to trigger another workflow from the first workflow.

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Note: The Start a List Workflow action only run the SharePoint 2010 workflow, that can't be added in App step in SharePoint Workflow 2013.

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