1. Create List Item using form.
  2. Attache a file to said form. (Example temp.xls)
  3. Right-Click save-as

Expected Result:

A copy of the original file (temp.xls) is save to the file system.

Actual Result:

A copy of WopiFrame.aspx is saved to the file system.


If you left-click the link it opens in the browser. If you try to save that to the file system, it warns you that the file downloaded will not contain content that is not supported by the web editor.

Update #1:

  • Using the Office 365 SharePoint Client.
  • 1
    For what SharePoint version is it? Because on 2013, Right-Clicking the link and press "Save target as..." works fine. Commented Jan 9, 2018 at 20:18
  • Version is Office 365. Updating question.
    – ScrappyDev
    Commented Jan 10, 2018 at 16:03

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This isn't a very pleasant way to do this, but it works:

  1. Copy the link URL:
    • https://afs365.sharepoint.com/sites/ApplicationName/Release/_layouts/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/sites/ApplicationName/Release/Lists/Some%20Folder/Attachments/263/temp.xlsm&action=default
  2. Cut out the WopiFrame information highligted in bold:
    • https://afs365.sharepoint.com/sites/ApplicationName/Release/Lists/Some%20Folder/Attachments/263/temp.xlsm
  3. Paste the updated link into your browsers address bar and hit enter.

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