I would like to display the photo for Employee X in their individual document set, when their document set is opened (display form / aka Document Set Welcome Page).

When I look at the document set for Employee Y, I would like Employee Y's photo to display on the page.

Currently I have managed to change the default image, but it is static. I can not find a way of getting individual employee photos to load up.

Currently I have this on the Document Set Welcome Page: Document Set Welcome Page

I'd like to have this on the Document Set Welcome Page - photo automatically loads, by filtering on either Employee Name field or Employee Photo ID field or something. Doc Set Welcome Page with Photo

The employee photos are stored in a list in the same site collection, so it should be quite straightforward to connect them.

Research: Referenced link. It is stated that it is not possible to achieve what I need. Though perhaps inserting a different web part to replace the default 'Image' web part could enable this to work?

Link How to use the thumbnail (_t) photo

This link appears to be similar to what I want to achieve, although I only have one photo per employee, rather than a collection of photos.

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