I have created two custom userprofile property , I marked it as replicable to show that property in user info list. My custom property is showing in user information list after when that property have values and profile sync. I am not sure whether this is default. Is this possible to show the properties in user information list without populating the values?


Try to manually run the profile synchronization jobs by running the stsadm sync command:

stsadm –o sync

If the information is not synced, try using the following stsadm sync command which will only delete the sync info using PowerShell, then start SharePoint Full Synchronization job again:

stsadm –o sync –listolddatabases <x number of days>
stsadm –o sync –deleteolddatabases <x number of days>

The first command will list Content Databases that have not been synchronized since n days.

The second command will delete the records corresponding to those databases. It doesn't delete databases/end user data.

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