I am trying to show/display ticket information which should be constrained by Group: "A" can only see tickets opened by "A" and "C", then "B" can only see "B" and "C". Lastly, "C" can see all tickets

I am using SharePoint Online by teamwork. How can I constraint it?

Any help will be highly appreciate.


Assuming the ticket information is stored in a SharePoint custom list.

On the admin page, add that list as a webpart and set the Target Audience "A". "A" being a SharePoint group.

enter image description here

Modify the view to display only those tickets created by "A" or "C".

Add same list again on the admin page and repeat the steps for B and finally for C.

Hope that helps!

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You can set List Item Level Permission based on the column value programmatically.

Check the articles Event Receiver to Set Item Level Permissions based on List Column Value

Set List Item Level Permission using CSOM

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