how can get the "upload file" and "country-region-selector" compoments in office-ui-fabric-react. it seems that office Ui fabric doesnot have those compoments.

on React there is only this https://npm.runkit.com/react-file-input for the "upload file" and this enter link description here for the "country-region-selector"

but not with css of office UI fabric ?

any idea how to adapt those react native compoments to Office UI fabric or is there any compoments on Office-UI-Fabric, and how can we explore the file with adding it to list.

thank you.


There is no existing implementation for country region based on official link,while you could custom React-Country-Region-Selector style by classes/IDs properties.

Sample code:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The upload control which i used is material ui Raised Button(i'm not professional for material ui, but you may try it)


If you're using latest @microsoft/generator-sharepoint and use React as the framework for your SPFx webpart, you could import the Office UI Fabric component directly and use it. for example:

import {
} from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib'

                label='Disabled uncontrolled example with defaultSelectedKey:'
                    { key: 'A', text: 'Option a' },
                    { key: 'B', text: 'Option b' },
                    { key: 'C', text: 'Option c' },
                    { key: 'D', text: 'Option d' },
                    { key: 'E', text: 'Option e' },
                    { key: 'F', text: 'Option f' },
                    { key: 'G', text: 'Option g' },
                disabled={ false }

enter image description here

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