SharePoint modern look is good but seems to have less options for customization.

What should be done to add custom js and css files to the site? Is there a way we could add a section to masterpage , like we could in classic look?

Could anyone share their experience of branding the modern site?

I would like to know how to add styles to Master Page not Site Page.

Thank you.

  • I would like to add reference to master page. – Sharanya Jan 4 '18 at 7:58

on a modern site (team site) currently the recommended way to add JavaScript to the page would be using SPFx client app.

otherwise to modifiy a theme or create one and applying it to a modern site would require powershell.

more could be found here:


a few things you cant do

Custom master pages; more extensive branding will be supported later using alternative options.

Changing "modern" site to use "classic" seattle.master or oslo.master. Custom page layouts; we are looking to have support for multiple canvases in the future.

Enabling site or site collection scoped publishing features; technically, features can be currently activated, but this is not a supported configuration. User custom actions / custom JavaScript; there will be a more controlled way to embed JavaScript on the pages through the SharePoint Framework Extensions (currently in dev preview).

"Modern" subsites; subsites created on "modern" team sites use the "classic" experience, but you can change the user experience to be similar to "modern" sites.

Ability to control available subsite template options. "Classic" publishing features (WCM).

Activation of community feature or creation of community subsites under "modern" team site.

so adding a ref in the masterpage is not possible.

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