So, I have a customized alert template that gets attached to all Document Libraries at the time a particular Site Definition is created. This is done by a feature that is stapled to the Site Definition when it is activated. This is fine and good.

The problem I have now is that when a new Document Library is created, the feature is not reset, and therefore doesn't swap to the new Alert Template. How do I capture the creation of the SPList (SPDocumentLibrary) at time of creation.

  • "a new Document Library is created" or "capture the creation of the SPList (SPDocumentLibrary) at time of creation"? Depends on it you can use different kinds of event receivers. – Anton Khritonenkov Nov 15 '11 at 3:55

The SPListEventReceiver.ListAdded was introduced in SharePoint 2010 and AFAIK it does not exist for SharePoint 2007.

Maybe you can change your approach and register your event handler to a list type or a content type.

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