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The above image shows the error on my SSL cert when I tried to access my sharepoint website from sharepoint. I tried finding solutions online but they don't cater for SharePoint specifically.

How do I create a self-signed certificate that matches my sharepoint site? Or if its possible, how do I change the certificate common name in my self-signed ssl certificate?

I tried following this: http://blog.walisystemsinc.com/2012/12/setup-ssl-in-sharepoint-2013.html but they want to create a web application from scratch, whereas my web application has already been created, so I can't follow the steps.


You could create a self-signed certificate from SharePoint server IIS manager.

Go to root of IIS manager.

Select Create Self-Signed Certificate.

Name the certificate and then select OK

Right-click the certificate, and then select Export

Generate corresponding .cer file and configure SharePoint to use it.

For detailed steps, you could check below threads for sample.



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