I need to customize the default 2010 approval workflow and I would prefer not editing the build in. I have made a copy of the workflow as described here: How to Copy an Approval Workflow and Retain Its Custom Task Form

Now! How on earth do I choose to start the newly created custom approval workflow? I have published it as a new global workflow (As the changes I will be making is needed globally). I have the option to "Start Custom Task Process" from a 2010 workflow, while that does look like an approval workflow it's mostly empty and does not do even half of the build in does.

I can't seem to find anywhere I can specify to use the custom workflow.

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Ok I've searched high and low and it seems you can't start your own approval workflows from another workflow. Which in my case makes it anything but reuseable. Instead I've created a custom task action and rebuld the approval functionallity from button up.

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